Genie+ Down This Morning?

Update: seems to have resolved around 7:50 this morning.

Here we are in Disney World, waking up at 7am, as is the delightful new norm, to book our rides for the morning, and what do you know, it’s not working. So now I have the joy of sitting and waiting to see when it does start working again.

I don’t think this issue is unique to my account because as of 7:15 I started to be able to see the next available lightning lane times, and they all are the first time of the day.

For reference, we are headed to Animal Kingdom today and I started trying to book Flight of Passage and the Safari at 7 but got the error message below.

What I currently see when I look at the tip board is the following (for the first 15 minutes it wasn’t showing any times at all, which is unusual).

As you can see, it’s 7:31 and the return times for the safari and Mickey and friends are both still 8am. They should definitely be later if anyone has been able to book them yet.

Anyone else having issues?

When I change parks I see rise of the resistance is showing 9am but slinky dog is showing 10:50 (normally it would be late afternoon by now), so it seems maybe some lucky folks were able to grab some.

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