Santa, Santa Everywhere

Santa, Santa Everywhere

During our week in WDW we had quite a few Santa sightings, which I figured I’d share in case anyone is on their way and wondering about Christmas theming, or anyone is depressed at home during a pandemic and just needs to see a Disney World Santa cruising the parks in a sweet ride. They [...]

Advanced Dining Reservation Update

For those who were following my post linked below and had similar issues with challenging advanced dining reservations, particularly at character dining restaurants, I have an update now that our trip has arrived. Similar to many others, we were able to suddenly get all the remaining reservations we were looking for on a certain [...]

How to be a DVC Member and get your annual dues paid for you…

Catchy title, eh? I originally planned to call this “My genius ploy to subsidize my DVC maintenance fees (insert evil villain laugh)” but I didn’t think people would be too amused by my nerdy accountant talk paired with Disney humor. So my original intent with this blog was to have a place to post about [...]

Things to Mention Up Front When Renting DVC Points (and Sample Rental Agreements)

I have been renting out DVC points for a couple years now and thus far have not bought into the need for having a formal rental agreement/contract between myself and the people renting the points. To me, these transactions have an inherent level of risk (particularly for the renter) and require a certain level of [...]