Advanced Dining Reservation Update

For those who were following my post linked below and had similar issues with challenging advanced dining reservations, particularly at character dining restaurants, I have an update now that our trip has arrived. Similar to many others, we were able to suddenly get all the remaining reservations we were looking for on a certain [...]

Height Restrictions

Height Restrictions

As someone who previously travelled to Disney World every year without a care in the world or the slightest restriction on what rides I could ride, I now find myself with numerous restrictions to consider as mother of a toddler in Disney World who always seems to think I might need to be aware of [...]

McDonalds Toys

Well, this is pathetic, but this is what the Disney excitement in our lives has come to at this point in 2020.... My son was crying his eyes out when we got to McDonald’s for lunch today because I apparently stretched our adventures a little too long this morning and he was experiencing some serious [...]

Potential big change for DVC online booking capabilities regarding Transferred in Points !

I just happened to call Member Services today to check in on whether we have any transferred in points available on one of our memberships, since you can’t see transferred in points online on your dashboard and typically need to call Member Services to get information about them. You normally can view reservations already booked [...]

Christmas Festivities

Ugh, it’s like a knife to the heart whenever there is a Disney announcement about additional cancellations further out in the year. The announcement of the modification to Christmas celebrations hit me hard since I keep hanging on to hope that our weeklong trip in early December will be as magical as our November trips [...]