Santa, Santa Everywhere

Santa, Santa Everywhere

During our week in WDW we had quite a few Santa sightings, which I figured I’d share in case anyone is on their way and wondering about Christmas theming, or anyone is depressed at home during a pandemic and just needs to see a Disney World Santa cruising the parks in a sweet ride. They [...]

Advanced Dining Reservation Update

For those who were following my post linked below and had similar issues with challenging advanced dining reservations, particularly at character dining restaurants, I have an update now that our trip has arrived. Similar to many others, we were able to suddenly get all the remaining reservations we were looking for on a certain [...]

McDonalds Toys

Well, this is pathetic, but this is what the Disney excitement in our lives has come to at this point in 2020.... My son was crying his eyes out when we got to McDonald’s for lunch today because I apparently stretched our adventures a little too long this morning and he was experiencing some serious [...]