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Our totally Unexpected Switch to a Direct DVC Contract

If you've seen any of my prior posts, you know I am a very vocal proponent of purchasing DVC Contracts via the Resale Market. I have an old post comparing prices, and I plan to do another similar analysis in the near future given how good of a buyer's market it is right now and [...]

Extended Park Hours for Guests of Deluxe Resorts = Amazing

Edit: effective early December, Ratatouille has been added to the Epcot extended hours in the evenings. This is a total game changer given how challenging it is to get on that ride. Wish we were there for that! Whew, we did the extended hours in Magic Kingdom last night and it honestly felt like a [...]

Slight Change to Member Services’ Process for Merging Reservations

For those other DVC members that are like me and like to grab nights as they become available and worry about merging them into one reservation later, or those who just happen to have two stays booked separately for whatever reason and need them merged, the process has changed slightly as of this past week [...]

Tickets for “Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours”

Tickets for “Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours”

Update: see screenshots at the end for prices and dates. Today I received an unexpected email announcing that I would be able to purchase tickets for something called "Disney's Very Merriest After Hours" starting August 17th. This purchase date seems to be based on the fact that I have a resort reservation during the holiday [...]