Booking System Issues and Sudden Availability

Booking System Issues and Sudden Availability

This morning (8/9/21) there was a surprising flood of availability for hard-to-get dates at nearly every DVC resort. When poking around just before 7am, instead of seeing the typical 1 or 2 nights available in a studio across any resort for the months of November and December, I saw full availability for weeks like “Jersey [...]

Remy Previews!

As my kiddo said today… “you know what’s exciting? The Ratatouille ride is opening!!” As has been conveyed by various media outlets/blogs, previews for Remy’s ride were announced and invites were sent today! The previews are for Annual Passholders and DVC members. This is the first big ride opening that I’ve been a member of [...]

Epcot Monorail

There has been a flood of reopening news over the past few weeks. Every day something new is announced. Meanwhile there have been crickets about the Epcot Monorail reopening. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Apparently today cast members were spotted training at the Epcot monorail station though, indicating it’s reopening could be imminent. Hallelujah! Nothing better than [...]

Current Firework Status in Walt Disney World

"But there are no fireworks!" has been a frequent complaint across the social media world and real-life world when planning a potential trip to Walt Disney World gets discussed. It seems no one can imagine the Most Magical Place on Earth without nightly fireworks, which is fair. Part of Disney's magic is that every day [...]

Skyliner Back to Boarding Multiple Parties per Gondola

Oh hallelujah! Worried about the rumors you’ve heard about long lines for the Skyliner? Well disney just made the move to eliminate those long lines completely. The Skyliner is now boarding multiple parties per gondola. Granted, it is nice and luxurious and awesome to NOT share a gondola with another party. Our experience pre-covid was [...]

Latest Pool Hours/Dining Options at Boardwalk

Latest Pool Hours/Dining Options at Boardwalk

While endless information is available on various Disney websites, some offerings and hours seem to only be available when you actually arrive at the resort. So for anyone who is curious, these were the recreational offerings and hours offered at the Boardwalk this past week (May 10th). These hours are probably indicative of the recreational [...]

Correction: no character breakfast at Cape May Cafe

I apparently lied in my post below about more character dining options returning. The character dining options that ARE returning will be Tusker House and dinner at Chef Mickey’s. Cape May Cafe reopened today, but without characters for the time being. No announcement on when the characters will return. It is of course much [...]