Wild Availability Changes for DVC Rooms in July

This is not at all what DVC Members renting points out want to see, present company included, but it is an AWESOME development for people hoping to rent DVC rooms at the last minute this July.

There has been a sudden influx of available DVC studios for the remainder of the month of July, unlike anything I’ve ever seen, which is driving rental prices down. I’m a consistent stalker of DVC availability, and I know as well as the next person that if you watch things closely, you’ll always be able to grab a last minute studio that will pop open for a few seconds here and there, particularly in the upcoming 7 days since waitlists are all deactivated 7 days prior to intended travel. This is NOT typical availability openings though. Throughout the month of July there are currently 5 random nights available in Beach Club Studios (never, ever available), multiple nights in Standard View Boardwalk Studios. I’ve seen AKL Value Studios popping open intermittently. The entire month is fully available at Saratoga, which might not be groundbreaking news to many people, but its also nearly fully available at Bay Lake Tower! You name a resort, and there are nights available in studios in the month of July.

I am attributing this to panic cancellations by people renting out rooms mostly. I think people saw that July rooms are not renting at typical DVC rental prices, and panicked and started cancelling. There is no reason Disney would have released a sudden rush of availability at any of these resorts. Refurbs shouldn’t be playing a role this month. The big factor at play is these darn AP holder discounts, and other promotions which are lowering the prices of rooms booked directly through Disney throughout the rest of the summer. I personally am under the impression that Disney is having a tiny bit of trouble filling hotel rooms this summer (the parks are doing fine based on their recent earnings reports) and so they’ve released some pretty good promotional rates. This is hitting the DVC rental market, much to my personal dismay, but to the benefit of individuals renting rooms for sure.

No other months seem to be impacted at this point. Still absolutely NO availability anywhere for the month of November for example. September and October are nearly fully booked at every DVC resort as well. December is still absolutely impossible as well (can anyone explain how my brain went, November, September, October, December….if thats not being scatterbrained, I don’t know what is).

So…. have at it renters trying to grab cheap rooms. I imagine the big name DVC members who rent lots of points will be staying away from July rentals and focusing on the harder to book months for the time being, because, whew, its a battlefield out there price wise if youre trying to rent out any July rooms.

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