Limitations to use of Transferred in Resale Points

This is an FYI to a very specific niche of DVC members who like to receive transfers of points every year (you can receive one transfer per membership per use year).

Currently, and for at least the past year, if you receive a transfer of resale points, you can’t use them on the website to book rooms during the home resort booking window. If you are booking a room more than 7 months in advance, you will receive an error saying the room is “no longer available,” but if you call in, member services can book it for you. If you are booking a room within 7 months of travel, you have no issues using transferred points on the website, regardless of resale or direct status.

Just beware because I didn’t even think to ask if the points I was receiving were resale points. They also can’t be used at Riviera or any new resorts, regardless of if you have a direct membership. Transferred in Riviera resale points can ONLY be used at Riviera, consistent with Riviera resale restrictions for owners.

I’ve been using transferred points for years and about four years ago they made an awesome change, allowing transferred points to be used online for bookings (previously you always had to call in). Unfortunately they’ve taken a step back if you receive resale points.

Member services says they have reported it to IT and they are working to remedy it, but given how long it’s been like this, I don’t think they are actively working on any changes honestly. There are a few other members who have confirmed they’ve experienced the same issue, but only with transferred in resale points, not direct.

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