Back with a Vengeance

Alright, sorry for the radio silence for… what… a year and a half ?! Is that possible? Yikes. Well it finally wasn’t for depressing reasons (usually I don’t post much when embroiled in a custody battle/wedding cancellation shenanigan), but in a crazy plot twist, I had baby #2 with on-again baby-daddy-wedding-canceller this past year and having a newborn makes life an odd combination of completely not busy, yet exhaustingly busy.

Regardless, I’ll be back in the next few days with a handful of posts on a variety of hopefully informative topics.

Since going silent we have taken three trips, stayed at the Beach Club Villas, Bay Lake Tower twice, and Copper Creek, planned 3 trips for this year, planned a Disney Cruise, purchased a new DVC contract direct from Disney at Riviera, and sold our Bay Lake Tower contract (RIP). So there is a lot to unpack there. I’m obviously a big resale point advocate, so I’ll delve into why on earth we would purchase a direct contract, and of all places why Riviera when I’ve had some serious hesitations about the resale restrictions there historically. I also will detail the two trips we took while I was pregnant and how those went, as well as how our trip with a 4 month old baby went this past November. I also need to provide an updated review of Genie+ (still sucks) and an updated list of Character Dining options (these do not suck). Lastly, there is plenty of DVC news to get into: the borrowing limitation was lifted, there are discounts on cruises, Boardwalk is being fully renovated, Beach Club is getting a soft goods refurbishment, etc. Lots to yammer on about ad nauseum.

Stay tuned.

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