Slight Change to Member Services’ Process for Merging Reservations

For those other DVC members that are like me and like to grab nights as they become available and worry about merging them into one reservation later, or those who just happen to have two stays booked separately for whatever reason and need them merged, the process has changed slightly as of this past week (middle of September). Historically, if a member has reservations booked at the same resort, in the same room type, with the same view (aka identical rooms but for different dates), they can be merged into one reservation as long as they are for consecutive dates. By having one merged reservation you guarantee that you won’t have to switch rooms throughout your stay, and it also enables you to book your dining for your whole stay 60 days out from your arrival date.

This typically entails calling into Member Services, asking for your reservation to be merged, being put on hold for 10 minutes while someone on another team does the merging, and then you are all set. Effective this past week, you can call in and make the same request, but the agent you are speaking to will “submit a form” to the merging team and they will merge your reservations when they get to it. They say it will be completed within 5-7 days, but apparently thus far it has typically been within 24 hours. I made a request last night and it was completed by 11am this morning (less than a 24 hour turnaround).

This could be applicable for people who waited until the last minute to merge reservations before their dining window opens, aka me, so just a heads up.

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