Remy Previews!

As my kiddo said today… “you know what’s exciting? The Ratatouille ride is opening!!”

As has been conveyed by various media outlets/blogs, previews for Remy’s ride were announced and invites were sent today! The previews are for Annual Passholders and DVC members. This is the first big ride opening that I’ve been a member of either of those categories for (being the kid of a DVC family excluded), so I was so excited to get the preview registration emails! Just to be clear, I’m in New Jersey, with no trips to WDW planned for September, so there is no reason to be excited whatsoever, but for a brief moment I almost considered flying to Florida for one night just to ride Ratatouille….

For those who are interested, when I clicked the link to register for the Annual Passholder preview, I was taken to the screen below. Oh how I wish I could escape to Disney for one of those days, but looks like I’ll have to wait and pray for the return of fastpasses for our November trip.

It’s worth noting that it looks like I could have selected a date and time for all 3 members in my friends and family who have annual passes.

Also interesting how many dates were included for Annual Passholders, when I believe there were only two dates for DVC previews. I imagine the population of Annual Passholders who actually attend must be much larger than DVC members who might attend, just given that many annual pass holders are probably local to Orlando. Just a complete guess there.

Either way, Remy’s big opening is right around the corner ! Can’t wait to one day actually take advantage of one of these preview days !

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