Skyliner Back to Boarding Multiple Parties per Gondola

Oh hallelujah! Worried about the rumors you’ve heard about long lines for the Skyliner? Well disney just made the move to eliminate those long lines completely. The Skyliner is now boarding multiple parties per gondola.

Granted, it is nice and luxurious and awesome to NOT share a gondola with another party. Our experience pre-covid was that 9 out of our 10 rides had our small party alone in a gondola. However, at peak times, we were boarding with one other party. It was just like how being alone in a monorail car is awesome, but being with others is fine and normal as well. We were absolutely never crammed into a gondola. They say they can fit 10 guests. Our party of 3 was only ever once seated with another party of 2. So we had plenty of space. Again, this was all pre-covid.

Fast forward to when the parks reopened last July, and Disney changed their procedures to only board one party per gondola to allow for proper distancing. I LOVED this official change because we only really ride the Skyliner mid day, so long lines had never been a factor for us. However, when we visited Disney in early May of this year, we observed the nightmare lines that people talk about.

I should clarify that these lines really only form at park opening and closing. At park opening there is a lengthy line at Caribbean Beach and at Riviera. At park closing both Epcot and HS have INSANE lines for the Skyliner. The Epcot line weaved around a couple times next to the Skyliner station and then extended all the way to Beach Club.

This is the line for the Skyliner leaving Epcot around 9:30 PM earlier this month when only one party was allowed per gondola.

Similarly, the line at HS extended past the bus stops and down the path that brings you to the Boardwalk.

This is the path from HS to Boardwalk. The line wraps all the way from the Skyliner station, past the bus stops, and starts down this path. This is about a 30 minute wait.

These lines looked absolutely demoralizing at the end of a long Disney day. They did move incredibly quickly though, and even at their longest you’d probably be waiting about 30 minutes, which is better than the wait for buses at park closing. Regardless, the lines LOOKED terrible.

The only way to resolve this issue would be to board multiple parties per gondola, and that is exactly what Disney is now doing thanks to the latest updates from the CDC.

I’m sure this will mean that now they remind you to wear masks on the Skyliner, which we didn’t do typically. That’s really not a deal breaker anymore, now that you don’t have to wear masks outside, so you won’t be desperate for tiny mask breaks.

This is honestly great news. For those worried about being squeezed in a tiny box with strangers during a pandemic, relax, those gondolas are SO well ventilated that you are practically outside. Plus, just wear your mask and you’ll be fine for the 10 minute ride! Again, in normal times they really only had to board parties together when it was park opening/closing, so you will still get plenty of chances to ride alone. If you go to the Skyliner outside of peak times, there is never any line at all. In those cases, they have no reason to board parties together.

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