October 1st?!? Cmon Remy!

Ugh. Not totally shocking but still pretty disappointing that Disney officially announced the new Ratatouille ride in Epcot will be opening on October 1, 2021. I really thought there was a tiny chance we might get to ride it on our little trip in May, although I thought a summer opening was more likely.

Weird to open it on October 1st, when October 1st already is the huge kick off to celebrating the 50th anniversary. Perhaps they are trying to lure people over to Epcot that day since MK is sure to be fully booked up reservation-wise. Grab your Epcot park reservations now everyone !

The ride has apparently been substantially complete for awhile, I think it is just a matter of Disney not wanting to waste a grand opening of a huge new ride when crowds are so limited right now. Perhaps this indicates that they expect a return to much higher crowds this fall. Perhaps this could indicate a return of fastpasses!! I’m grasping at straws here because I just really, REALLY miss fastpasses.

I guess this means we will be watching ratatouille all the way up until our trip in November. Oy. I’ve been getting the kiddo pumped for this new ride for the past month and I seem to have jumped the gun (not as much as a mom I saw posting on Facebook recently about booking Epcot for a day in March specifically because she had a feeling ratatouille would be open…. ummm really… in a couple weeks? With no announcement?? Oh the optimism)

Anywho. At least they made officially announced a date. That is very, very positive about their general sentiment about no longer viewing everything as completely 100% unpredictable at this point.

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