Could the DVC Borrowing Restrictions be Coming to an End?!

I’ve had my fingers crossed that the 50% borrowing restriction in effect since the covid reopening might end when some of these big expiration dates rolled around, or once all the resorts got reopened. With Aulani finally reopened, we’ve just been waiting on the Grand Californian. Well, today our prayers have been answered and DVC sent out a very interesting email! They announced a reopening date for the Grand Californian: May 2nd! Great news in and of itself, but if you continue scrolling through the email, you see the following:

It vaguely says that “some” of the policy changes will be coming to an end “soon.” The significant policy changes have only been that they are no longer putting points into holding accounts if you cancel within 30 days of travel, so that’s actually a bummer if that ends soon, and the 50% borrowing restriction on future use year points.

This paragraph seems to strongly imply that after the Grand Californian opens, we can expect both of those policy changes to be phased out in some way. I wonder if they will just suddenly allow the borrowing of 100% of future use year points, or how they will go about ending that policy. I have no idea what their plans are, but the second I catch wind of anything, I’ll post it on here!

The original email from last April when they initially announced the policy changes is below, so there aren’t very many other policy changes they could be referring to.

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