Breaking News! New Character Dining

Yes, I literally consider this breaking news at this point. If you recall, I had previously listed the character dining options as follows: breakfast at Chef Mickeys, breakfast at Topolinos, lunch and dinner at Hollywood and Vine, and lunch and dinner at Garden Grill. That is all there currently is available for character dining. Well not anymore!! As of March 22nd, they will be bringing back the Disney Junior characters for breakfast at Hollywood and Vine. Am I personally excited about this? Not in the slightest because I’ve never watched Disney Junior….so this will be a hard pass for us….but its another character dining option!! Any and all additions to the character dining list of options are welcome and a sign of good things to come.

Let’s keep the good news coming Disney. Cmon Cape May Cafe!! Cmon Ohana!! Cmon Akershus for the princess lovers!

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