Party size when booking dining

One quick interesting thing to note when making dining reservations these days…. it would appear you have some leeway to play around with your party size a little bit if it helps you grab the reservation you are looking for. I noticed yesterday when checking into our reservation at Topolinos that we had the option to add a guest upon check in. It appears you can potentially always add one guest upon check in. These mobile check in features are seriously so awesome and speed things up so much. I love checking in when we are still a few minutes away, and then our table is ready right when we get there. There has not been more than a five minute wait between checking in and getting the text saying our table is ready all week. (Major exception was Trex in Disney Springs which is not on the Disney system and it was horribly backlogged with HUGE WAITS, even with reservations)

I was already hoping my son wouldn’t count as a person on this reservation, so I could get away with a reservation for 2, when there were really 3 of us, but it looks like I didn’t need to worry at all because of that line saying “you may add up to one additional guest.”

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