Another Pixie Dust Upgrade

Just checked in with someone renting our DVC points to stay at Boulder Ridge for the past few days, and they were upgraded from a studio to a one bedroom! Lucky ducks. For those of you not following my much less fortunate life, I’ve never been upgraded since my family joined DVC in 1996. I went twice this summer since the resorts reopened and figured this might be the time we finally got an upgrade (not that it really matters or is owed to us or anything, it just would be a fun surprise), but no such luck. Then in September I had a renter upgraded from a Beach Club studio to a TWO BEDROOM, which is bonkers, and now from a studio to a one bedroom. Being upgraded from a studio to anything is awesome since it gives you a full kitchen and laundry area. You are at least getting twice the value of what you paid for.

Glad someone is getting some joy at the moment 🙂

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