Promising Changes to NY travel quarantine rules

Finally some semi decent news in a week of non stop crappiness about COVID and Disney cast member layoffs (heartbroken about all the performers who were laid off, still refusing to accept that as a permanent move). Governor Cuomo in New York has tweaked his mandatory 14 day quarantine for New Yorkers returning from certain (almost all) states to allow for negative tests as an alternative. The new rules are very explicit with regards to the timing of the negative tests, so I have to assume they are based on a decent amount of research/science, especially since it took so long for him to make this change. See below for a link to the new New York travel quarantine/testing options.

The reason this is good news for me is that I live in New Jersey, where Governor Murphy ALWAYS copies every policy move Cuomo makes with regards to Covid, with a lag of a couple days. So I imagine in the next week we will get a similar update here in NJ about a similar option to get a negative test as an alternative to our voluntary 14 day self quarantine. This would be awesome because as things stand currently, my little kiddo would have to miss the full month of December from school due to our Disney trip the first week of the month.

For those who aren’t aware, Disney opened a (I believe free) testing site on property, available to the public. So if you are required to get a negative test before returning home, that is the easiest option for sure.

This does beg the question however…. if you get a positive test…. are you stranded in Disney world ? 🤔🤔🤔

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