Happy anniversary ?

What better place to post some photos of the most embarrassing celebration ever ! It is seriously so cringeworthy to think that 75ish people came to our house a year ago today and wrote us well wishes for our wedding and …. blegh what a nightmare. The pictures are nice though. Honestly everything was nice that day…

One year ago today, we hosted a pre wedding BBQ at our house for friends and family who couldn’t make it to our Disney wedding. Normally for destination weddings, people host some sort of celebration at home AFTER the wedding, but we were being frugal and wanted to host the celebration in our backyard, which meant rushing it in the late summer BEFORE our November Disney wedding. So we called it a pre wedding celebration. Talk about jinxing things, in retrospect. I didn’t think it was really possible to jinx a fully paid for, fully booked wedding with a person that you already live with and have a 2 year old son with, but apparently that is a thing… FYI 🙄. So yes…. happy one year anniversary of the happiest day we ended up getting to have, which also means that in about two weeks it will be the anniversary of the worst day ever. But more importantly…. almost coming up on the 60 day window for booking dining for our December trip! 🥴 (the name of the game is distraction, right?)

(Don’t worry, I have his permission to post photos…. he’s still my best friend 75% of the time 😆)

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