Partitions at Yacht Club

This is super late and about to be irrelevant when the walls come down and Yacht Club reopens on August 24th (woohoo!), but I hadn’t seen this posted anywhere, so in case this matters to anyone …. here is where the Yacht Club is blocked off while the NBA is staying there. I’ve seen numerous photos of the partition (blue fence) at Grand Floridian where other teams are staying, but not sure if anyone has posted any Yacht Club photos.

Walkway fully closed before the slide for Stormalong Bay when walking from Epcot. Signs say “Resort closed”
We didn’t walk around the other way, but it looks like similar signs are up near the base of the bridge from the Swan/Dolphin to Yacht Club. So the whole marina area is off limits.

It is actually a bummer because the walkway is completely blocked so you can’t do a lap around the lake if you are staying at the Boardwalk or Beach Club Villas and want to take a stroll or a jog or whatever. We like having the option to walk this loop with the kiddo in the stroller to calm him down at night or just to entertain him as needed. I was going to do it this morning since he was up at the crack of dawn and HS isn’t open until 10, but no such luck.

I imagine these signs and fences will come down in the next few days since Yacht Club’s opening is only a week away.

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