Stormalong Bay reopening

Ha ! I just feel the need to gloat about the fact that I totally called that Stormalong Bay would be opening August 24th when Yacht Club opens to the public, and for some reason people on Disney pages have been completely shooting this down in the past couple weeks saying they don’t anticipate it opening until “next spring probably”…. which to be fair is based on Disney being completely unpredictable lately and erring on the side of cutting costs/saving money. The fact that the website now officially confirms what some of us have been guessing about an August 24th reopening date is a solid boost to my Disney guessing confidence at this point lol. I just couldn’t comprehend everyone panicking and cancelling beach club villas reservations throughout the Fall (i agree with switching resorts if the pool is closed because that pool is the whole reason to stay at BCV). There’s no way they would open Yacht Club without a feature pool though. No resorts are open without feature pools. After going in July and seeing how popular the pools were at Poly and how they had every part of the pools open (kids splash pad included), I was sure they wouldn’t open a resort with only a quiet pool. With Yacht Club and Beach Club Villas both open, there would be no reason to keep Stormalong Bay closed. I really think it was closed partially as a cost saving measure and partially as an option for the NBA players staying there, but I have no concrete basis for either theories, just what makes sense to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hooray for everyone with upcoming beach club reservations that they weren’t talked into cancelling ! You are going to have so much fun at that pool, especially with it only half crowded!

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