Disney Face Coverings

So we now possess an excessive amount of Disney face masks (or “face coverings” as they call them in the parks). We had ordered a couple on Etsy back in April because the shopDisney ones were pre orders, and now we went overboard and bought a whole bunch in the parks.

This is a medium on a large headed 2 year old.

Fun fact: in the parks you can mix and match any 4 for $20, while online there are pre determined sets of 4 that you have to order together for $20 all in the same size. When I was in Magic Kingdom I bought a large Forky mask, large Toy Story characters, medium Mickey face, and medium Goofy face. Then later I ended up also getting a medium Toy Story characters one and a large Minnie Mouse one, as well as a large Yoda one, putting me at the extremely foolish number of 7 masks, don’t ask me why, I blame the heat for melting my brain.

With regards to sizing: the medium masks fit my 2 year old (now 3 actually, happy birthday to him) pretty well. He has a massive head for a toddler though. They fit him well straight out of the package and are actually a little small/snug after being machine washed on delicate and dried on low. I probably will air dry his from now on. The large mask fits me very comfortably. However, my boyfriend/baby daddy/wedding canceller tried on the large Yoda mask and it was much too tight. I ended up pre ordering him a Star Wars set of 4 masks on the website in extra large last week when they were released. So we will have approximately one million Disney masks by the end of July, which seems about right.

He was so cozy in his mask that he fell asleep in it on the plane (in retrospect, is that even safe? Yeesh now im second guessing that…)

They have a ton of options in the parks, design-wise. Of course the register I went to didn’t have Forky in a medium for my son and didn’t have the red Minnie style I wanted for me, but there were a ton of other options, as listed above, so we are quite adequately stocked up.

I agree with what I’ve read others say, that the sizing seems a bit inconsistent. One of the medium masks fits my son perfectly, while another is a bit loose. Similarly some of the larges fit me perfectly, while others are loose. It isn’t a huge difference, and for only a few bucks per mask, I think the quality and sizing is pretty good. They are pretty soft and cozy. With regards to breath-ability, I’m fine in the Disney masks in NJ, but in Disney I pretty much stuck with disposable paper masks because they were the most breathable. I didn’t get my Disney parks masks until the last day of our trip though so I probably would have worn these a lot more if I had gotten them sooner, if not just for pictures. They are soft and stretchy enough that you don’t really mind sweating in them a bit. Plus, if you have a set of 4, you always have a spare clean one to replace your sweaty one with (or in my case, we have 57 spares in the center console of my car now and don’t sweat at all in the grocery store, so we just use one…).

Verdict: get them in WDW if you can. They sell them at all the resort gift shops and in every park. You can mix and match sizes and styles and use them towards your 4 for $20 instead of being stuck with the predetermined sets of 4 for $20 online.

Update: we just got a set of medium Pixar masks in the mail for the kiddo. The size discrepancies between the four mediums is pretty noticeable. Photos included for reference. Also including a photo of my son wearing one so you can see that one of them is huge on him, while all the other mediums tend to fit perfectly.

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