Negative covid test

We interrupt your regular programming to bring this totally excessive announcement, but in this day and age, with all the crap people get for traveling and “not caring about other people” and yada yada, I figured to be thorough I would post that I had a nasal swab done on Saturday and got a negative result today, woohoo! I waited the recommended 5-7 days post potential exposure (in this case travel), to get tested. I still intend to mostly remain at home for the remainder of my 14 days, but at least have the peace of mind to make a quick masked run to the grocery store if necessary, or go for a very socially distanced trip to the park with my son. We only planned to get our son tested if my test was positive and he had symptoms, otherwise we have no intention of subjecting him to that brutal q-tip up the nose (whew this one hurt a lot more than the last one I had done, but Disney is worth it!).

I’m not sure if I had previously mentioned this, but I did also have a negative rapid test result 2 days prior to traveling to Disney. I tried to cover all bases with confirming our health beforehand and had no intention of traveling and exposing anyone else to our germs if there was any risk that we had been exposed to the virus. We have been quite quarantined up here since March and I’ve also now had 4 negative covid tests at this point just because…. why not? So I take this virus very seriously and we took every precaution for everyone’s safety prior to our travel and upon our return. I think our lack of contracting the virus is a testament to Disney’s procedures in place right now. To be able to fly into a coronavirus hotspot, spend 3 days at a hotel and in theme parks, and fly back home without being exposed to the virus is pretty amazing, and Disney deserves a lot of kudos for keeping us all safe. Thank you Mickey !

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